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Wimbledon decision to ban Russians and Belarussians is wrong: Djokovic

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The Times Of India
24th May, 2022 22:52 IST

PARIS: The ATP and WTA ’s move to strip Wimbledon off ranking points could cost Novak Djokovic his world No.1 ranking, which the Serb has now held for a record 371 weeks. As significant a setback as that is, it couldn’t get the 35-year-old to go against the Tours, who made the call after the championships banned Russian and Belarussians from entering their 2022 tournament.

“At an individual level, I’ve been negatively affected,” Djokovic said. “But I'm glad that players got together and showed the Grand Slam that when there is a mistake happening, and there was from Wimbledon’s side, we have to show that there will be consequences.”

The Serb claimed to have come by a document that spelt out the UK government had given the All England Club a few options rather than handing them a diktat. “They didn’t discuss it with anybody -- ATP or individual players,” he said. “Just communicate and understand whether both sides could make a compromise.”

“It was a wrong decision. I don't support that at all,” Djokovic said, adding that there had been suggestions from the Tours to accommodate everybody in a positive manner. “There were different ideas, but unfortunately, no strong communication came from Wimbledon.”

As things stand there are no winners. “The players that did well last year, we’re not only not going to have a chance to earn points, but we can't defend them either,” he said.

The Serb, however, isn’t weighing the situation by points or prize-money. “For me, it's something else,” he said. “But again, there has to be some standards, some respect. Mutual respect.”

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