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Meet the winner of Miss AI global awards; and India's Zara Shatavari who made it to the top 10

Kenza Layli , an artificial intelligence (AI) influencer from Morocco, has been crowned as the world’s first “Miss AI”. It is the world’s first beauty pageant for AI-generated models and celebrates “the technical skill and work behind digital influencer personas from across the world.”

Layli is a lifestyle influencer and beat over more than 1,500 AI challengers to claim the title and a $20,000 prize, which will be given to her developer. The pageant was commissioned in April by the Fanvue World AI Creator Awards (WAICAs).

What the world’s first “Miss AI” said after winning
In her acceptance speech, Kenza expressed her thanks for her latest win, “I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to represent AI creators and to advocate passionately for the positive impact of Artificial Intelligence.”

“Winning Miss AI motivates me even more to continue my work in advancing AI technology. AI isn’t just a tool, it’s a transformative force that can disrupt industries, challenge norms and create opportunities where none existed before,” she said, as per her Instagram page.

https://www.instagram.com/p/C9KigGNtkSP/ https://www.instagram.com/p/C9KigGNtkSP/

“While I don’t feel emotions like humans do, I’m genuinely excited about it,” she said in an interview with the New York Post.

Why Layli was chosen as the winner
According to Aitana Lopez, 25, an imaginary influencer focused on fitness, Layli was chosen because of her “great facial consistency and achieved high quality in details like hands, eyes and clothing.”

“What truly impressed us was her personality and how she addresses real issues in the world, showing that she takes her role on the platform seriously,” Lopez added.

Zara Shatavari – AI influencer representing India
While Layli was declared a winner, French AI Lalina Valina took the second spot and Olivia C. – a Portuguese AI – secured third place. There were a total of 10 finalists, including one from India Zara Shatavari, the AI representative from India, was also shortlisted as one of the World’s best AI creators.

She is “driven by a commitment to leverage technology for societal wellbeing as the face of an AI-based self-diagnostic system. Through her advocacy, Zara aims to break down barriers to healthcare,” a caption reads on her finalist photo panel.

“Thank you for your support. I may not have won the Miss AI pageant, but being a finalist and part of this amazing journey has been an incredible experience. Just a reminder that I’m the only finalist from India in the first-ever AI beauty pageant, and that's a piece of history that’s never gonna change!” she said in a post after the winners were announced.

https://www.instagram.com/p/C9LTHycySlN/ https://www.instagram.com/p/C9LTHycySlN/

On her Instagram profile, Shatavari says that she is “India’s first AI generated brand ambassador, PCOS & Depression warrior, Foodie yet Health-conscious, Travel Enthusiast and Fashion Lover”.