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Boeing promised 737 MAX software update last year

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The Times Of India
16th March, 2019 04:47 IST
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Weeks after a deadly crash involving a Boeing plane last October, company officials met separately with the pilot unions at Southwest Airlines and American Airlines. The officials said they planned to update the software for their 737 Max jets, the plane involved in the disaster, by around the end of 2018. The planned fix was "designed to detect the problem," said Jon Weaks, the president of Southwest's pilot union, "and keep it from recurring."

It was the last time the Southwest pilots union heard from Boeing, and months later, the carriers are still waiting for a fix. After a second 737 Max crashedin Ethiopia, US regulators said the software update would be ready by April.

This delay is part of the intense scrutiny over Boeing's response after the first air disaster, a Lion Air accident that killed 189 people in Indonesia. The second crash, involving an Ethiopian Airlines flight that killed 157 people, bore similarities to the first, pointing to potential problems with the automated system that requires the update.

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