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Had Priyanka contested LS polls from Varanasi, PM Modi would have lost by 2-3 lakh votes: Rahul Gandhi

NEW DELHI: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday took a dig at Prime Minister and said that had Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra contested from Varanasi, PM Modi would have lost the constituency by 2-3 lakh votes.

Rahul said this while addressing the 'Aabhaar Sabha' in Rae Bareli, organised to thank the voters for the party's performance on the Rae Bareli and Amethi seats.

"Had Priyanka Gandhi contested LS polls from Varanasi, Narendra Modi would have lost by 2-3 lakh votes," Gandhi said, adding, "This time Congress party fought unitedly in Amethi, Raebarelli, Uttar Pradesh and across the country. I want to tell Samajwadi Party that this time your leaders fought unitedly with Congress leader," said Rahul addressing the 'Aabhaar Sabha' in Rae Bareli.

Rahul won the Rae Bareli constituency while Kishori Lal Sharma defeated former Union minister Smriti Irani in the Amethi seat.

Gandhi stressed on the unity displayed by the Congress party and other political parties during the election in Uttar Pradesh and across India. He acknowledged the collaborative efforts of the Samajwadi Party workers, who fought alongside Congress workers without any complaints or stepping back.

"This was a historical victory. I am proud to say that you all sent a message across the nation that you want clean politics in the country...We worked day and night for this result. We are thankful to the people of Rae Bareli for making my elder brother win. We will continue to work for you with double the enthusiasm you have shown for us," Gandhi said.

He also expressed his pride in the historical victory and the message sent by the people of Rae Bareli, indicating their desire for clean politics in the country. He acknowledged the hard work put in by the party members and thanked the people of Rae Bareli for their support. Gandhi assured them that the party would continue to work with doubled enthusiasm in response to the trust shown by the voters.

Priyanka Gandhi in her short address also expressed her gratitude to the constituents of Amethi and Raebareli for their unwavering support in securing the party's triumph in these electoral districts.

"We have worked day and night to get these results. My biggest thanks to the people of Raebareli who made my brother (Rahul Gandhi) win by voting for him. We will work twice as hard and with as much honesty for the next five years, as you have supported us," she said.

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