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'In Diwali of democracy, ensure Congress is swept out of every corner': PM Modi

HANUMANGARH: Equating Diwali, which symbolizes lightness over darkness, with the upcoming Assembly election in Rajasthan this week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called it a 'Diwali of democracy' and urged people to ensure that the Congress party is swept out of every corner. The Prime Minister, while addressing an election rally here in Pilibanga, said that wherever Congress is in power, there is corruption and nepotism.
He said that the Centre spent crores of rupees on the Jal Jeevan mission in Rajasthan. "But the Congress government did scams in it too and left you drinking poisonous water," he said. "You tell me, does the Congress, which does not care about your life, have the right to remain in power for even a single day? Diwali has just passed. Our mothers and sisters work 15-16 hours at home. But when Diwali comes, they even clean the corners of the house. This election is also the Diwali of democracy.
Sweep out the Congress in such a way that this Congress is not left even in any corner," PM Modi said. Rajasthan will go to the polls on November 25, and the counting of votes will be held on December 3 along with the other four states: Mizoram, Telangana, Chhattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh. During his address, PM Modi said in Rajasthan, farmers, employees and businessmen all paid taxes, but in return, they got only poor roads, a lack of electricity and water, inflation and unemployment.
"Today I have come here to give you a guarantee that those who have looted the poor will not be spared. The day is not far in Rajasthan when those who looted the poor will be put behind bars," the PM said. He said the entire story of what has happened here in Rajasthan in the last 5 years is written in the 'Red Diary'. "The diary is red. (But) the deeds are black," he added. PM Modi said that people in Rajasthan have to pay Rs 12 per litre more for petrol and diesel than people in its neighbouring BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Haryana.
"Whenever you fill petrol in your car, remember that the money you are paying is part of Congress's loot. And I assure you, after December 3 (the day of counting votes), after the BJP government is formed here, there will be a review of petrol prices," he added. Earlier in the day, while addressing an election rally in Pali, the Prime Minister accused the Congress Party of "corruption" and "appeasement politics" stating that dynasty politics is everything for them. He also pointed out that the poll-bound state needs a government that gives priority to development.
The PM said that Rajasthan will play a "very big" role in taking India to new heights in the 21st century. Continuing his attack against the grand old party, he said," Nothing is more important than corruption and familial politics for Congress. This party doesn't think of anything other than appeasement politics." "Unfortunately, the development of the State was stalled under the five years of Congress rule," PM Modi alleged. The Prime Minister said the people of the state have "experienced" the "impact" of appeasement politics in the last five years of the Congress rule.
"Today, we are working hard to become a developed nation. For this, a government that gives priority to development is needed in Rajasthan. Nothing is more important than corruption and familial politics for Congress. This party doesn't think of anything other than appeasement politics," the Prime Minister said.