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Pune food delivery man walks away with customer's beagle

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The Times Of India
10th October, 2019 17:30 IST

Usually online food delivery executives deliver food to homes or offices but a Pune couple to their horror found that one such deliveryman walked off with their beagle dog! Vandana Shah took to Twitter to post about the bizarre incident, which she said happened around noon when she found that her dog ‘Dottu’ went missing from Karve Road.

According to CCTV footage, Dottu was last seen playing and roaming inside the premises of her home before he went missing.

After he remained untraceable for many hours, the worried couple approached the police, who assured them about looking into the matter.

Meanwhile, Shah said that on enquiring from a few food delivery guys at an eatery near their home, one of them recognised the dog and said it was taken away by his colleague.

Shah also got hold of a picture of her dog with a man, who turned out to be a food delivery personnel of Zomato , who was identified as Tushar.

“We took Tushar’s contact number and asked him about Dottu. Tushar confessed to having picked him up but when we asked him to return the dog he started making up excuses and said that he had sent him to his village,” she said. Shah reached out to Zomato, seeking their help stating that her dog was kidnapped on October 7.

Shah also claimed that while they were assured of help by police yesterday, the police refused to register a complaint.

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