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Turmeric research institute to be set up in Telangana, says Shah

HYDERABAD: Making another strong pitch for garnering turmeric farmers’ votes in the November 30 assembly elections, Union home minister Amit Shah announced on Monday that a Rs 200-crore research institute to fix the medicinal value of turmeric will be set up in Telangana. He also promised to establish three sugar factories in the region.
Addressing public meetings in support of BJP candidates in Jangaon and Korutla, Shah said: “Your Nizamabad MP Dharmapuri Arvind fought with central ministers for the turmeric board, for the research institute and for market intervention for turmeric farmers...With the research institute, people of north Telangana, especially turmeric growers, will be benefited.” He, however, didn’t say where the new institute would come up. Urging people to elect Arvind from Korutla seat with a thumping majority, Shah said: “We will make Arvind a big and influential person once he is elected.” Asking people to celebrate two more Diwalis, he said: “You have already celebrated one Diwali.
Celebrate another Diwali on December 30 by voting for BJP. The third Diwali will be on January 22 when PM Modi will do the ‘pran prastishtha’ of the Ram mandir in Ayodhya.”