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Why FDA is recalling mushroom chocolates, gummies across many states

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a nationwide recall of Diamond Shruumz-branded mushroom-infused chocolates and candies. This action follows numerous reports of severe illnesses among consumers, some of whom required hospitalization after consuming these products. The recall affects chocolate bars, cones, and gummies produced by Prophet Premium Blends, a company based in Santa Ana, California. The investigation has linked these products to elevated levels of muscimol, a psychoactive compound found in certain mushrooms, believed to be the cause of the adverse reactions.

As of June 23rd, the FDA reported 39 illnesses, including 23 hospitalizations, across 24 states. Some cases required ventilator support, and there is a potential link to one fatality. Prophet Premium Blends has advised consumers to stop using the products immediately and discard them, while retailers have been instructed to halt their sale and distribution.

What products are affected by the recall?
The recall affects all Diamond Shruumz products, including chocolate bars, cones, and gummies. These products were marketed as containing "nootropic and functional mushrooms" like Lion's Mane, Reishi, and Chaga.

Why were these products recalled?
The recall was initiated after reports of severe illnesses among consumers. Investigations revealed that Diamond Shruumz products contained elevated levels of muscimol, a psychoactive compound from certain mushrooms. Symptoms reported include seizures, confusion, abnormal heart rates, nausea, and vomiting.

How many people have been affected?
As of July 1st, a total of 48 illnesses have been reported across 24 states, with 27 hospitalizations. One death is potentially associated with the consumption of these products.

What is muscimol, and why is it dangerous?
Muscimol is a psychoactive compound found in Amanita mushrooms. It can cause severe health issues such as seizures, agitation, involuntary muscle contractions, and loss of consciousness. Dr. Darien Sutton noted, "The problem is that the dosage is not exact and so many people are exposed to these toxic levels and just don't know."

What should consumers do if they have purchased these products?
Consumers are advised to stop using any Diamond Shruumz products immediately and return them to the company for a full refund. Prophet Premium Blends stated, "Consumers who have purchased Diamond Shruumz products are urged to stop using the product and return it to 1019 Arlington St., Orlando, FL 32805, for a full refund."

Where were these products sold?
Diamond Shruumz products were sold nationwide, including online, at smoke or vape shops, and by retailers selling hemp-derived products such as cannabidiol (CBD) or delta-8 THC.

What is being done to address the issue?
The FDA, CDC, and America's Poison Centers are investigating the outbreak. Prophet Premium Blends has ceased production and distribution of all Diamond Shruumz products and is cooperating with the authorities.

What should consumers do if they experience symptoms after consuming these products?
Anyone who falls ill after consuming Diamond Shruumz products should contact a healthcare provider or a poison center at 1-800-222-1222 immediately.

Why is this recall significant?
This recall underscores the risks associated with consuming products that claim to offer psychoactive effects. It highlights the need for rigorous regulation and oversight of mushroom-infused foods and supplements to ensure consumer safety.

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