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State govt not bothered about COVID warriors: Dinesh Gundurao

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18th October, 2020 14:39 IST

Bengaluru: Congress leader Dinesh Gundurao on Sunday October 18 said that state government is not bothered about the COVID warriors.

Taking to Twitter Dinesh wrote, “Out of 500 COVID warriors who succumbed to the virus only one person has received the compensation from the government.”

Attaching a news article published by Udayavani, Dinesh wrote, “Chief minister BS Yediyurappa led BJP government in Karnataka is not bothered about you COVID warriors wor are working hard for other people risking their won life.

He further questioned, “Why has the government announced compensation for one person when there are five hundred people in total who succumbed to the virus. If this is the case how can COVID warriors work so hard risking their life?”

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