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Demand for separate Tulu state echoes in Karnataka; #TulunadState trends on twitter

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08th April, 2021 15:07 IST

Tulu organizations and Tulu speaking people living across the world came out with a demand for a separate Tulunadu state consisting of Udupi, Dakshina Kannada, and Kasargod districts

Twitter campaigns under various hashtags such as #SaveTuluFirst, #TulunadState, and #StopKannadaimposition received a good response with several users slamming the state and central governments for neglecting the language, which is one of the Pancha Dravida languages.

Also, the decades-long demand for adding the Tulu language to the eighth schedule has not been fulfilled by the government

Tulu organizations claim that it is time for Tulu-speaking people to stake claim to their own identity by seeking statehood and the government cannot ignore people of coastal districts anymore. The further claim that Tulu is a different language and Tuluvas can’t be considered the same as people who speak Kannada. Tuluvas have their own script and cultural history too

Maharashtra Ekikarana Yuva Samiti (MES) has also tweeted in support of this campaign.

Speaking to Udayavani, Dayananda Kattalsar, President, Karnataka Tulu Sahitya Academy, said, ” I will not support the demand for separate Tulu state. But I request the government to bring Tulu under the eighth schedule of the constitution and also seek recognition for Tulu as a state language. Tulu is one of the Pancha Dravida languages which has both the script and calendar and is fit to get this recognition.

“We have several MPs and MLAs from Tulunadu. Our state government is working towards the betterment of our Tulu language and culture. Till now, the government has only given an academy for the Tulu language which is not enough, we need academies for Yakshagana and Daivaradhane. There are several demands which the government needs to fulfill”

Also, talking about the demand for a separate Tulu state by Tulu-speaking people of Kasargod, Kattalsar said, ” There are Tulu-speaking people in most of the parts of Kerala. The Karnataka government has given special provisions to the people residing in border areas but I will be happy if those areas become a part of Karnataka State. But I do not support the idea of a separate Tulu state especially when the entire country is dealing with the pandemic situation”

Dilraj Alva, Honorary advisor, Yuva Tulunadu said, ” It has been several decades that we are demanding to bring Tulu under the eighth schedule of the constitution and also seek recognition for Tulu as a state language. But the government continues to turn a deaf ear to our requests. Hence, several Tulu organizations have demanded a separate state”

“Also, Tulu-speaking people residing in border areas have been neglected by both Karnataka and Kerala governments. There are have been no significant developments in these areas and people are dependent on Mangaluru for basic amenities namely hospital facilities, education or jobs, etc. During Covid-19, we closed our borders due to inter-state disputes but residents in these areas were impacted most. I personally feel that Tulunadu can be a separate state as it has all the necessary facilities and capabilities,” he added

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