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Inefficient & corrupt administration of BSY govt is the reason for K'taka's current situation: Siddaramaiah

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08th April, 2021 15:32 IST

Bengaluru: Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah lashed out at Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa on Thursday over the RTC strike and said that the Inefficient and corrupt administration of the BJP government is the only reason for the current situation of Karnataka

In a tweet, Siddaramaiah said, ” People of Karnataka are already suffering from the pandemic, and the ongoing strike by KSRTC employees has resulted in the further loss to the people. BJP government should have thought through the impact of the promises they made during the last KSRTC employees’ strike. False promises by the government are the reason for the current fallout between employees and the government”

He further said, ” Instead of solving the crisis through dialogue & discussions with the employees union, the government is trying to threaten the employees by allowing private buses & citing ESMA provisions. The central government’s stepmotherly treatment towards Karnataka and B S Yediyurappa’s pathetic performance are the reasons for Karnataka’s current situation”

“The state government should keep their egos aside and hold discussions with the employees union to provide amicable solutions and ensure relief to the passengers,” he added

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