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How is your day : 20th November

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20th November, 2021 10:54 IST

Aries: You will sow exactly what you reap. It is a day to be more compassionate, understanding and tolerant. Even though it seems a tall order for some in the circumstances you find yourself in at work and home.
Taurus: Hiring more staff and looking into every minute detail at work/business is important. Support and suggestion is a wise option.
Gemini:  Lady luck on your side at work continues. However don’t get too flighty or overconfident as you have a long way to go. The right amount of humility and sensibility in your ways will make and show a marked difference.

Cancer:  You feel may be you are getting a raw deal even though you put in your all at work. However be a little more patient and voice your feelings to the right person, you could be surprised with the understanding you receive.
Leo:  Hope is important as you wait patiently for a breakthrough at work/business. Travel connected to the same is evident and will prove beneficial. If single, meeting someone interesting is not ruled out. Follow your heart.

Virgo: Creatively inclined folk discover their true talent as they receive a platform to showcase their excellence. If married, you are pleasantly surprised to enjoy an indulgent mate this joyful evening.  
Libra: If recently switched jobs, teething problems are indicated today as ego clashes with associates creates for an uneasy environment. Take things in your stride, focus on routine and maintain a low profile.
Scorpio: Short-term investments prove lucky today and you are more than likely to strike gold. Travel for business cum pleasure brings in mixed results. It’s a temporary phase take it easy. Take care of your health.
Sagittarius: A hectic day filled with outdoor activity and much happening in every area of your life. You feel on top of things and are able to make quicker and wiser decisions. Trouble on the domestic front needs looking into.
Capricorn: You sow exactly what you reap, keep your word to others and you will notice a positive difference in your health and wealth. Domestic problems increase, and you make a concerted effort to make amends.
Aquarius: Life may not exactly be a bed of roses, but you are getting there slowly yet steadily. Keep your mind on activities that make you happy and you will feel energized and elated.
Pisces:  A home away from home is a happy possibility today, as opportunity shows up on its own. Strike when the iron is hot. Those living and working overseas receive news of their next transfer.
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