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How is your day: 23rd January

Aries: -  It is advised not to indulge in an altercation as your competitors are calm.  You may receive the funds which were stuck for a long time. Official tour will be fruitful.             
Taurus : A change in the workplace is on the cards. Brace yourself as foes are in active mode.
It Is still a day of benefit for you.
Gemini :  You may attend a religious function today. A pending government work may get completed. Remain away from confrontations.

Cancer :  Be cautious in using the vehicles or other machines. A physical injury may spoil your day.

Leo : Don’t make an issue out of nowhere, it will create a tense environment in the family.  You may have a cozy outing with your spouse.  

Virgo :  You may crack a whopping deal of property.  Look after on your health, Prosperity gives you a reason to smile.

Libra :  You will have a good day in the office, if you refrain from taking risks. Perfect time to plan a picnic or party.
Scorpio : A sad news later in the day may spoil the mood. Keep your anxiety in check and avoid a tussle.
Sagittarius :  You will gather a lot of attraction from outsiders today. More responsibilities are seen on your shoulders. Health is a matter of concern.  

Capricorn : Expect a good news later in the day. It is a day of profit for businessmen and employees. The Health of a family member can be hit by a disease.

Aquarius : A good time to invest in a movable or immovable asset. You are on a road to achieve your goals, You come one inch closer to your aim today.  

Pisces:-  Due to the deficit in the budget you have to shell out more from pocket which will result in monetary loss.  Stress and  worry will grip you the whole day.