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How is your day: 23rd May

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23rd May, 2021 10:16 IST
Aries:  Finances and money dealings should be your top priority today as you reap exactly what you sow and will face consequences beyond your imagination. Make amends this evening and strengthen bonds. Health is good.

Taurus:  A recent job switch for some proves comfortable, happy and stress free and new learning experiences keep you creatively occupied. Students planning to travel abroad for further studies are busy in paperwork. 

Gemini: Health of a loved one improves and you tie up your schedule in high speed desiring to spend quality time with him/her. Expenditures for some sky-rocket. Maintaining a budget is vital. Make a wise plan.

Cancer: Anything you do against the flow of the universe today will rebound. Falling flat on your face is likely. Avoid manipulation and maintain a low profile. Planning new beginnings will take its time. Be patient.

Leo: Complacency is your biggest enemy, and you decide to make short term goals your agenda and forte today, it works well.

Virgo: If employed, you come to a point where you feel growth is stalled due to politics and hence causes a delay. Speaking with your seniors may make a difference provided you stay diplomatic and logical in your point.

Libra: Health improves as you make sure you take it easy when it comes to hectic activity or travel today. You prefer to stick to routine and current projects on hand making sure that your focus is on quality.  

Scorpio: Work is mundane. Pep yourself and get it right with the rest of the process. Love life is interesting. However, don’t get too carried away. Do not give your power away to the wrong people. Health is good. 

Sagittarius: Strategy is your asset and you just require use it to your benefit. However, let slow and easy be the pace. Appreciation is plenty.

Capricorn:  Your attitude may not be one of gratitude, but making sure you are a part of a solution rather than the problem will bring results. Mixed at first, there will be improvement later. 

Aquarius:  Giving yourself importance is one thing but constantly comparing yourself to others is pitiful. An internal makeover is most essential. Cleanse your thoughts and your heart. Take your time. Health is good.

Pices: If you have lost recently, it is time for some movement and commitment as your life takes a turn for the positive. Travel plans materialize and great fun is in store. Love life comes to a grinding halt. 
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