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How is your day: 18th July

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Aries : Love life and all the problems you have been facing end as you decide to face the truth and set those you don't love free, a shopping spree is enjoyable and helps you relax. Health remains good.

Taurus : In a party mood as always and ready to celebrate a happy event at home today is indicated, some of you pack your bags all ready to travel and take a break. Enjoy you deserve it! Health improves.
Gemini : An event at home keeps you busy and on your toes today as you play perfect host, making sure all are comfortable and feel a sense of mental peace.

Cancer : Turbulence in your domestic life, is what you tackle and helpful mediation from others is helpful, as you work towards resolving tricky financial matters that need looking into, peace happens, slowly yet smoothly. 

Leo : Work you decide is something you need to look into as things have been a wee bit slow and its probably the right time to spruce it up since the market trends are good especially if dealing in trading of any sort. 

Virgo : Politics both on the domestic as well as career front, may drag you amongst much that is happening. Despite your resistance, the earlier half of the day is spent in sorting out old issues. 

Libra : Travel for business cum pleasure turns out more pleasure than you would have thought, something. However you do not regret, as letting your hair down briefly and adventures turns out happy.

Scorpio :  Work-wise, things pick up slightly and you seem to be in a great hurry, as insecurity and a sense of competition steps in, avoid negative thoughts and actions, and things will fall into place on their own. 

Sagittarius : Domestic harmony creeps in after much concerted efforts on your part and the co-operation of siblings today and you now feel good enough and strong to focus on business that has been going slow for a bit. 

Capricorn : Routine work and deadlines are your forte and your focus today as you neglect your personal life and try not to think too much of someone you may be missing.

Aquarius : Those in the business, plan to diversify into something that has been a recurrent thought/idea in your mind. A close associate is more than full of suggestions. 

Pisces : Short term investments that you are thinking of may be wise but still need weighing pros and cons. Those dealing in clothes indulge in a grand exhibition, sales and success at the end of it all. 
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