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How is your day : 1st August

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Aries: Business folks are now ready to take a few chances, and some calculated risks. Funds required to come in easily and lady luck is in your favor. Forge ahead with confidence. Love life remains in the background.
Taurus : If employed, you come to a point where you feel growth is stalled due to politics and hence causes a delay. Speaking with your seniors may make a difference provided you stay diplomatic and logical in your point.

Gemini : As you work harder and harder, you will surely be noticed, and appreciated. You are, however, revolving your life around your career. This could make you boring to friends who think otherwise!

Cancer : Seeing things from only your perspective can block your vision and growth. You can get much more out of work today if you are open minded. Surprise yourself and reap rich rewards in the near future. If married.

Leo : Being scattered and clumsy in your way today could make you hyper, and your work incomplete. You could very well get pulled up for it! Expect criticism and deal with it in a mature manner.

Virgo : You exude angry and negative thoughts! Work towards clarity and harmony, internally and externally, today. Feel good about yourself should be topmost on your list of priorities. Money owed to you is delayed.

Libra : Independent business people do well. New contracts clinched have a good potential for you to grow and expand in your chosen field. Those applying for loans receive a good response and can look to progress.

Scorpio : Work can be boring and you are in no mood to make it interesting today. Follow your heart, don’t push yourself. Wait for cues from the universe. Those in love are confused. Health is good.

Sagittarius : New openings at work are slow but sure. Make the most of trends and meet new people who will help you in fulfilling your dreams. Money crunches are increasing. Be cautious and you get more organized.

Capricorn : Work is what you are, stuck and stagnant. Get your major fear related issues worked out and make a clearing for a focused future. Travel for study for some is inevitable and beneficial. Love life has problems. 

Aquarius : A busy day as incomplete assignments and pending paperwork keep you occupied, certain delays are inevitable.

Pisces:- Health improves, if employed; an early start is indicated as sudden travel plans for business cum pleasure. Those in love have many a minor tiff with their mate. An early resolution is advisable.
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