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How is your day : 22nd August

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22nd August, 2019 10:53 IST
Aries: You may be required at work early this morning or it could be your own choice to get things cracking even on your day off. You inspire others in your team to do so and whatever you aim at reaches positive fruition.

Taurus :  Love is in the air and in your life and you are your romantic best with your mate who has not seen much of you this whole busy week. You make up in more than one way and surprise gifts and fun outings are indicated.

Gemini :  Money owed to you is promised as you may need the funds soon for personal reasons. If married, your spouse travels on work and you plan to spend a fun time with close pals enjoying mutually loved interests.

Cancer :  Adjustments will be needed from your side to improve relationships both at work and home today. Claim responsibility and work towards your goals. At a meeting this afternoon your ideas are approved, rejoice!

Leo :  New work proposals offered to you today will be good, don't give too much importance to the financial aspect, instead give all you receive your best shot, money will increase.

Virgo :  If in your own independent business, you plan to interact and push urgent matters. Your clients and customers are all praises for you. Short work-related journeys will prove tiring if you are experiencing a health problem.
Libra :   Overseas travel for those in show business is likely bringing much of the limelight and recognition desired. But be honest in your dealings and intentions or goodwill in the future may suffer.
Scorpio :  Those of you interested in selling property may get one good offer not as lucrative as you desire but nevertheless promising good money.
Sagittarius :  A breakthrough at work is inevitable. Your patience finally pays off and hopefully you get paid for it too! Those living overseas return home, as a domestic contingency needs their urgent attention.
Capricorn :  Charity begins at home. Maybe there is somebody in your family that needs your undivided attention today. Give it your best shot. New work offers come your way and promise more money.
Aquarius :  Shortcuts at work will be discovered and there is always a chance of losing face and goodwill. Be wise. Your health is not as good as you would like it to be. Do what's necessary this evening. 
Pisces:-  Content with the progress in your personal life and yet skeptical about future plans, you decide to voice your concerns. It being not such a lucky day for confrontations, make sure you are thoughtful and diplomatic.
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