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How is your day: 3rd May

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03rd May, 2022 10:50 IST
Aries: You feel upset about people taking you for granted at work, set that right! Put a firm foot down, and it will open up possibilities to communicate and explore new ideas.
Taurus: It’s vital that you share a great rapport with your teammates at work will make for success in projects. New friendships in your life are endearing.
Gemini:  You purchase property for investment value today, besides looking at how to handle finances! All the best domestic arguments ebb, and you plan on a family holiday to work old recurring sensitive issues out. 

Cancer:  Expectations could be dashed today, and you feel let down, self-respect is about taking it in your stride and staying happy. Let your winning strategy be your perseverance today clients and customers take to it.
Leo:  Business partnerships do well, however a minor difference of opinion needs to be looked into before going ahead with any big expansion plan.

Virgo: A happy event celebrated at home keeps you on your toes, you play perfect host and bond with loved ones and friends. Most of make good headway at work.
Libra: Work is new, not very smooth sailing and you are restless to now try something innovative, go right ahead.
Scorpio: Travel is sudden and you try to club it with a few social meetings and have a whole someday, all the best. If employed a promotion at work is long overdue, you voice your opinion, however be patient.
Sagittarius: Envy comes naturally to you today as you cannot help comparing yourself to others, focus on your achievements, stay happy.
Capricorn: You can be right about most things, but keeping that little space open for listening to another’s suggestion will take you places today, try it. Love life is a magical maze. 
Aquarius: Reward yourself, you have been working hard, a change of residence for some keeps you busy as paperwork and procedure are underway, alls well that ends well.
Pisces:  Lagging behind at the work place will cost you today. You realize this in time and make a sincere effort towards movement and momentum for the same. Delays in pending payments are indicated.
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