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Noted numerologist tells WHY films are mostly released on Fridays

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28th April, 2022 12:59 IST
Hyderabad: Films are mostly released on Fridays because of the numerology, said Shradha Salla, healer and numerologist. Film world is big on numerology.
From Titles to names to film releases Numerology is looked into said Shradha while speaking at the session “Make the Cosmos Work for you” organised by FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) Hyderabad here.

Films are mostly released on Fridays because of numerology, she said it is because of planet Venus which is known for energy. Venus is the second brightest natural object after the Moon.

The movies are released on Fridays primarily because of numerological energy besides other reasons, she added.
Numerology is the science of numbers is a strong branch of Astrology, Shradha, who was the guest speaker at the session attended by 200 plus FLO members, said. Shradha also spoke about tarot reading and vastu also.
Another guest speaker Sundeep Kochar, an Internationally Accredited Astrologer, Life Coach who is among the top 10 world famous Indian astrologers who has read the horoscopes of serving 'President of India' at 'Rashtrapathi Bhawan' and 'Vice President of India' said Astrology is GPS of your life. Like GPS a radio navigation system that guides you in your journey to your destination, so also Astrology which tells you hurdles, obstructions you face in your life's journey, he said.
Claimed to be the only astrologer to be registered in the Limca Book of Records for hosting the longest running astrology show ever on a national Television, Sundeep said Astrology can be your best friend. You must go to an Astrologer atleast once to know your journey, he told his audience.
In her Welcome address, Shubhraa Maheshwari, Chairperson of FLO Hyderabad said Cosmic Energy is a little spark found in all of us. Vaastu and Astrology are part and parcel of our life. When a child is born we look at stars and their position and record them. They are holistic science she said (UNI)
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