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20+ Disney Princesses In A Plus-Size Avatar, Rocking It Like A Boss

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10th November, 2018 16:28 IST

An unflinching claim: These illustrations are by far the most genius thing we have seen on the internet this week. All of us have wild dreams and these drawings showing our fav Disney princesses in a plus-size avatar are simply MIND-BOGGLING. Under the creative thoughts of Crystal Procknow, the Instagram handle, Neoqlassical Art, is making internet surfers stop by with its queer innovation and imagination.

There's Rapunzel, there's Ariel, there's Snow White, there's Jasmine and more of Disney beauties, but with a twist! All of them have been granted a blown up avatar, have a look. 

Snow White, dancing away to glory! Whatta delight. The sleek and slender Rapunzel transformed into this avatar. Amusingly shocking.  Snow White in her modern realm, that's like time transportation to 2018. Jasmine, I mean this was mind-blowing. Pot belly for the once perfect curves, unimaginable! Moana, isn't this look a fresh take? Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, I wonder how must her sway be, now! Brave Merida turns into a chubby Merida. Interesting, tho! Cinderella, all blown up, yet the beauty is divine. Tiana from The Princess and the Frog, that's how Disney fans roll. The young, fighter Mulan has it in her to fight all odds. Anna and Elsa, just so perfectly fluffy! *Love* Belle from Beauty and the Beast, I wonder what is she imagining. Ariel, from The Little Mermaid, all grown up and revelling in her curves. The ultra chic yet cute pose of the pixie! #InLove Kida from Atlantis: The Lost Empire; her transformation is literally, EYE-POPPING. Pocahontas, why so sad? Princess Aurora in her formal gown, I suppose the artist has a vivid imagination! Kudos. Giselle, played by Amy Adams, IRL in Enchanted series. 


Megara, another chubby beauty from the Disney ecosphere.  Jane, from Tarzan and Jane, the feisty being is love. 


Sweet Belle, from The Beauty and the Beast, under a romantic starry night. A happy Ariel in her sparkly 'victory dress.' Not a princess, but a memorable Disney character, 'Maleficent,' she has always had a mark on our minds.  A bonus! The artist captions this beautiful work of art, with equally beautiful words...

She writes, 

Here she is, Crystal Procknow!

Weren't these illustrations a fresh take? All thanks to Neoqlassical Art.

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