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21 People Share Their Experiences Of Falling In Love For The First Time

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10th November, 2018 16:19 IST

"The magic of our first love is our ignorance that it can never end."

- Benjamin Disraeli

Ever been in love? If you haven't, I am not sure whether to consider you lucky or the opposite of it, for being in love is one life-changing experience I wish everyone has. Love has its own set of joys and heartbreak. It feels like heaven, but also, it hurts like hell. Doesn't matter how hard you try, you can never escape what's meant to be. 

I still remember the days of my first love. The butterflies, the fireworks, the feeling of my heart dropping all the way to my stomach. Ah! I also remember the heartbreak it followed. Likewise, here are some people sharing their experiences of falling in love for the first time:

It teaches you to rise in it. 

"Love is beautiful. It hurts you at first and then it teaches you to rise in love. When you get your heart broken for the first time, you can’t imagine loving someone else again or having someone else love you. You worry about almost everything."

It swept me off my feet. 

"Someone just walks in your life and sweeps you away. The normal you is no longer the same as it used to be some days back. Things start changing and you don't realize when, how or how perfect the change has been. People look at you and are happy about this change in you."

A stranger becomes the reason behind everything.

"I wonder how can someone have such an effect on you. Someone who was not even present, leave aside being called a stranger. Someone whose one sight fills your mind with happy thoughts, someone whose presence makes you nervous and happy at the same time. Someone whose presence is felt even from a distance, someone who smiles at you for no reason."

I started taking care of myself. 

"You start taking care of yourself and always carry a smile wherever you go. Your silly dressing sense gets replaced with proper clothing. Your eating habits and etiquettes become more polished. Everything you do is now done with the aim to perfect it. The future, which until some days back felt so unwanted is now looked upon with pleasing eyes and happy thoughts."

It left me in a magic spell. 

"You say those three golden words in your own way, multiple times, every day. Your heart pounds to hear something nice in return. You wouldn't mind her silence, for that says a lot."

The love and compassion blew me away. 

"The love and compassion which you get from this person is something that you try to do justice to. The feeling of falling short of love to return, the feeling of being unable to give more than you could, the feeling of not being able to live up to your own limits when it comes to giving happiness to that person is saddening for you. Little do you know that the thought about you, itself does the magic for that person."

It was the best feeling ever. 

"Falling in love for the first time was one of the best feelings in the world. I can't even describe it. Every day felt so beautiful even if nothing significant happened because you know that someone out there loves you the way you do. I would always get excited to wake up and see his texts and at the end of each day, I would refuse to sleep because I didn't want to waste time not being able to talk to him. Literally, my reality was better than my dreams."

It was a crazy, passionate kind of love.

"I had a grand time falling in love back then, I felt that we would last forever and that nothing could ever separate us. It was a crazy, passionate kind of love where I forgot about everybody and everything else in the world. I even went out of my way to sneak out from events or my parents to be with him because I felt the happiest with him and wanted to spend every moment with him."

First love will a special one. 

"Unfortunately, as with all good things, my first love came to an end too. I was devastated / completely crushed when we broke up. It took me a year and a half to move on. But looking back now, I realized that experience taught me everything I needed to know about being in a relationship and being a better version of yourself for you and for your partner. Thanks, first love. You'll always be a special one."

My first love was pain. My first pain was joy. 

"Her touch would ignite me.

Her voice would cares me.

Her whims would control me.

It felt good.

It felt confusing.

It was dangerous.

When we were together, I lost the sense of time. We’d hook up in the morning and I’d drop her off at night. When we were arguing, I’d feel a physical pain in my chest. I’d be hurting so bad I wouldn’t eat at times. 

My first love was pain. My first pain was joy."

One word: Butterflies. 

"It was passionate, maddening, wonderful, frustrating, and it really does take the breath out of you! The problem is that sometimes it does that in a bad way. Life is yin and yang, and while I don't get into the whole beliefs about it, it is true to an extent!"

My first love cheated on me. 

"The trouble with falling in love so completely and so young is that you don’t recognize when things are changing, even when they’re going terribly wrong. He started to seem discontent as time went on like he was bored with only having me. He cheated on me a few times. He’d break up with me because he thought he had a chance with someone prettier or more popular than me.

But he always knew, everyone always knew, that he’d come back to me. Inevitable, our friends called it. I tolerated it all because I loved him, because I believed he was my happy ending, because I was holding on to the lightning spark and that adorable kid who made me feel alive, when that boy had long since shed his cocoon and blossomed into a full-blown asshole butterfly."

Every time I was around my first love, I was someone else.

"This is what it's truly like to fall in love. You no longer overlook the little details, everything matters, absolutely everything. And you don't do it purposely, it just comes naturally, as if these little details are only perceivable once you fall for someone. Every time I was around her, I was someone else, I felt drastically different."

I am yet to meet someone like him. 

"He was mine and I will never have another love like his. Sometimes late at night, I cry out into the darkness because I still physically crave the touch of someone who can make me feel like I am floating without even having to try. Who knows my body better then I do because it is a mirror image of theirs. I fall to my knees and whimper because I just want five more seconds of ultimate bliss."

You learn the meaning of selfless. 

"It is the first time you become truly comfortable with someone else. It is the first time you will cry so hard over another person, you can't breathe. Its the first time you blame yourself for something that was not even your fault. It is the first time you give more than you have to make another person happy."

You can never stop missing your first love. 

"No matter how hard you try, you will never stop missing your first love. It's not just only first love it is the first of many things. It's the first time you hold hands, the first kiss, first fight, first breakup and the list goes on. It is all these memories of our so many firsts that are always in our hearts and mind forever. First love is also the first experience of intimacy. Impossible to be forgotten are things like the first kiss, first hugs and making love."

It teaches you the value of a lot of things. 

"In fact, it is the first love who teaches you the value of giving love and being loved in return, and teaches you to appreciate more the one you fall in love afterwards. And teaches you the lessons no schools could teach you. Sigh!"

First love led to my very first heartbreak. 

"It’s the first time your heart broke. It showed you the dream and then woke you up suddenly. It made you fall, and fall hard. It turned you into this pragmatic being who weighs every possibility, analyses every person, believes in only what he sees, thinks a hundred times before loving anyone again. It made you ‘wiser’, more careful. It bore a hole in your soul that simply refused to fill itself."

It's silly, it's crazy. 

"First love is silly, crazy, wild. It’s unrealistic, even foolish. It’s like a bird discovering it can fly. That’s first love. It’s adventurous and fearless. You don’t plan it, you don’t control it, you don’t force it. You close your eyes and just take the plunge. Somewhere between ‘growing up’ and ‘moving on’, that innocence is lost. You can no longer love that fearlessly again. You’re not that person anymore."

I can never quite get over it.

"That time may be long gone, but it’s still fresh in memory, probably, always will be. Years pass and you think you’ve moved on and suddenly, it all flashes across your mind, vividly, like it was just yesterday. That’s when you realize that their presence has been lingering on somewhere in your mind all this while. Maybe what they say is actually true. Maybe we never really get over our first love."

My first love consumed me. 

"I fell in love in exactly 6 seconds. I knew I was in love, I sang the whole way home, I went home an wrote her a poem, every song I ever heard had a whole new meaning and my creative side exploded that night. The love became so intense that it became more of a panic attack for the both of us. We consumed each other with as much sex as we could, sometimes skipping school and finding ways to spend the night with each other by lying, stealing or running away."

Answers here were taken from a Quora thread. 

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