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These 25 Tweets About What You Think In The Shower Are Nothing Short Of Truth Bombs

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10th November, 2018 17:12 IST

So when do you think your brain is the most active? While you exercise? Or while you consciously try to focus? 

Most of us have our brains active and in the witty mode while we shower. We have ideas, we notice random details and imagine weird scenarios that have absolutely no possibility of happening for real. They may be pointless, they may be brilliant but most of them are hilarious and relatable AF. 

So here are some of the most brilliant, silly and funny shower thoughts that would either make you laugh or make you go "Oh Wow":

1. You ruined the joke my friend.  2. Ughhh! 3. Hence you've been sounding weird all this while.  4. Well, well! 5. Huehehuehehehahhahaha! 6. I need help. We all need HELP.  7. Multitasking level- 9999.  8. Ever think about that? No you only think about yourself.  9. If I were your kid, I wouldn't believe you.  10. It doesn't wanna get you angry and get thrown.  11. And you're just blabbering dialogues.  12. And it's just so sad.  13. Well, yeah! 14. OMGGG yaaassssss.  15. Basically, we all cry.  16. Too much mathematics.  17. I'm not old. Not yet.  18. Hahahaha hahahah. 19. Major cringe.  20. Oh that would be really cool.  21. It makes you work quickly so that you can laze around later.  22. Best escape route.  23. Or lives in denial maybe.  24. Sad coincidence.  25. Maybe? 
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