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This Parody Account Of Virat Kohli Is What The Brands Should Be Looking At RIGHT NOW 

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09th November, 2018 11:31 IST

On Wednesday, Virat Kohli unknowingly became another prey to troll masters when he gave it back to a social media user for leaving an insulting comment on his live video. 

Twitterati trolled him over and over again to the level where he had to tweet a clarifying statement saying, "Trolling isn't for me guys, I'll stick to getting trolled!"

Well, while each of us is busy looking for reasons why and how people land themselves into troubled waters, this parody account in the name of Virat Kohli is living in a parallel world that is unaware of what controversies are!

So, below are some hilarious tweets from the parody Twitter account featuring Virat and his 'love for brands and promotions'. See for yourself:

Haha! Virat's boys featuring every possible brand. Perfect good morning message doesn't exist... Yeah, they are enjoying together but with brands. Just when you thought about a simple selfie with sofa and BRANDS. Boy, he was just having tea... Damn, this is one crazy parody account! First of all, did you even watch the trailer? Pretty sure that the cake never came from Monginis.  Dhanteras tips done right. Creativity level 501! Who thanked the fans better? This guy or Virat? Every detail nicely revealed. Thanks! Viru Paaji never saw this coming! "Thanx Che"? Damn! This guy cracked his paint brand also! Hahaha! Because pollution is a major concern. Can you find a better way of brand integration? I wonder where is the #Manyavar? This guy can decide almost everything for Virat... Bruno never knew that he is going to be a part of this... Hamare pass ye parody account hai! Oh God! Is any brand left?

That's all from me, guys! 

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