Weekly Books News (Feb 3-9)

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03:40NOW PLAYING#Fitness101: What Is Intermittent Fasting?
00:19NOW PLAYINGArshina Sumbul's 'Pride Month' Inspired Makeup Look
03:06NOW PLAYING#Fitness101: Questions About Intermittent Fasting Answered
03:44NOW PLAYINGMothering through a pandemic!
02:31NOW PLAYING#Fitness101: 5 Training And Nutritional Tips
48:11NOW PLAYINGUnderstanding Suicide: Why people do what they do
02:36NOW PLAYING#Fitness101: What Counts As A Cheat Meal?
01:38NOW PLAYINGHealthy Chicken Garlic Recipe By Viren Barman
03:24NOW PLAYING#Fitness101: How To Boost Metabolism
05:57NOW PLAYINGEasy Functional Training At Home
03:02NOW PLAYINGSister Shivani tells why is the mind so restless. How can meditation help us calm it down?
05:00NOW PLAYINGDo fathers get the due credit?
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14:24NOW PLAYING15-minute hip mobility yoga flow
10:42NOW PLAYING10-minute yoga flow for beginners
03:34NOW PLAYINGMeet India's youngest dad who adopted a special child
06:57NOW PLAYING4 types of breathing exercises (pranayama)
11:57NOW PLAYINGThree variations of a Sun Salutation
07:26NOW PLAYINGMasterclass On Haircare Routine By Savio John Pereira
01:55NOW PLAYING#Fitness101: The Correct Calorie Deficit To Lose Fat