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03:01NOW PLAYINGChina-Taiwan War About To Begin? Beijing Sends Warplanes, Taiwanese Army Rolls Tanks | Watch
20:06NOW PLAYINGChar Dham Yatra, Land Jihad, UCC: Uttarakhand CM Pushkar Singh Dhami Exclusive
03:47NOW PLAYINGHezbollah Releases Video Of Raisi's Message To Israel Near Lebanese-Israeli Border | Watch
05:42NOW PLAYING'Do What You Can, I Won't Stop': ICC's Karim Khan Challenges U.S. Over Netanyahu Arrest Bid
03:04NOW PLAYING'Will Purify Mecca': Ex-IDF Official's Explosive Statement Sparks Storm Amid War In Gaza
03:01NOW PLAYING'Pre-Planned...': First Raisi Copter Crash Report By Iran Army Released
03:24NOW PLAYING'Israelis Killed' In Istanbul Mass Shooting
05:26NOW PLAYING'Punish America' Roar At Raisi's Burial
03:00NOW PLAYINGChief Mufti Goes Against Calls For Niqab Ban In Russia
03:51NOW PLAYINGUkrainian Flee As Putin's Forces March Toward Kharkiv City; Zelensky Losing Control?
03:02NOW PLAYINGIsraeli Military Colonel Captured By Hamas; Group Contests IDF's Claim Of Officer's Death | Watch
03:01NOW PLAYING'Israel Not Winning': Netanyahu's Top Security Official Quits; Admits 'Can't Defeat Hamas Until...'
03:43NOW PLAYINGUkraine Conflict To Turn Nuclear? 'Spooked' U.S. Conducts 'Emergency Training' As Russia Makes Gains
03:40NOW PLAYINGSRK's heartwarming interaction with specially-abled fan goes viral
04:24NOW PLAYINGRussia Drops 1500-Kilogram Bomb On Donetsk Town; Buildings Crumble Like Pack Of Cards
03:51NOW PLAYINGIran Missile Threat Terrifies Pro-U.S. Arabs; U.S. In Talks With GCC Countries Over 'Missile Shield'
04:37NOW PLAYINGHamas Chief Haniyeh Reveals Raisi's 'Secret Message' On Israel & 'Al-Aqsa Flood' Attack | Watch
03:02NOW PLAYINGRussia Parades Captured Ukrainian Troops; Zelensky's Troops 'Voluntarily Surrender' In Kharkiv
03:01NOW PLAYINGHamas Fighter Chases Israeli Tank With Explosive Device In Rafah | Watch What Happened
03:48NOW PLAYINGIsrael Dealt Historic Blow as Ireland, Norway Recognize Palestinian State; EU Countries to Follow