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Demands for sexual favours....: Shocking Details emerge from Minor Wrestler's FIR copy

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03:16NOW PLAYINGHezbollah's 'Rocket Rain' Batters Northern Israel; Burkan Barrage Injures IDF Soldier
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03:20NOW PLAYING'Cold-Blooded' Netanyahu's Apathy Sparks Anger; Israeli PM Says 'Hostages Are Not Dying'
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03:05NOW PLAYINGHouthis Vs Saudi War Next? Iran-backed Rebels Threaten To Strike Kingdom Over U.S. Ties | Report
03:24NOW PLAYINGIDF Gets A Reality Check From War Monitors On Gaza's Al-Mawasi Bombing | 'Hamas' Deif Still Alive'
03:52NOW PLAYINGHezbollah Boss Nasrallah's Chilling Warning To Israel; 'Palestinians Will Finish Cancerous Tumour'
04:43NOW PLAYINGAlert Russian Soldier's 'Heroic' Act Burns Huge Ukrainian Drone; Big Attack Thwarted
03:05NOW PLAYINGHezbollah Rains 60 Katyusha Rockets; Israeli Army Barracks 'Hammered' In Kiryat Shmona, Meron
04:53NOW PLAYINGThree Video 'Evidence Nail' Secret Service's Lapse | Watch
04:40NOW PLAYINGTrump Attack: Secret Service 'Received Intel Much Before Rally But...' | Inside Job Confirmed?
03:48NOW PLAYINGPutin 'Brings Zelensky To His Knees'; Ukraine's Leader 'Begs Russia To Attend Next Peace Summit'
04:01NOW PLAYINGHamas' Al-Qassam 'Torches' IDF's Merkava Tanks With Israeli Missiles In Gaza | Report
04:12NOW PLAYINGUkraine Army Unit 'Tried To Kill' Trump After Putin? 'Should Have Looked For Better Shooter'
04:20NOW PLAYINGRussia's Supercam S350 Spells Doom In Ukraine War Zone | ‘Eyes & Ears Of Putin’s Men’
04:56NOW PLAYING'Hindu Spirit Guide' Behind Trump's V-P Pick; Meet JD Vance's Wife Usha Chilukuri
03:33NOW PLAYINGHezbollah Pounds Israel With Falaq, Katyusha Rockets; IDF Bases Targeted In 'Revenge' Strikes
03:33NOW PLAYINGVance Trumps All, Begins Race For White House With Donald; From Staunch Critic To Trusted Ally
05:19NOW PLAYINGNew 'Proof' Against U.S. Secret Service; Sniper 'Saw' Trump Shooter But 'Did Nothing'