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'Toothless Abrams...': Russia's Victories Make Zelensky Lament About U.S.-Supplied Weapons

03:31NOW PLAYINGPutin’s ‘Bomb Blanket’ Stuns Zelensky | Watch What Russia Can Do To Western Munitions Amid War
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04:10NOW PLAYINGHouthis' Revenge Strikes Hit 'Israeli Ship, Military Sites'; 'Avenged Al-Mawasi Massacre'
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03:28NOW PLAYINGHamas Mocks IDF's 'Deif Killed' Claim; 'He Is Listening, Laughing At Foolish Netanyahu...'
03:09NOW PLAYINGRussia Turns Ukraine's Bomb-Making Plant Into Dust; Over 1,700 Kyiv's Troops 'Wiped Out'
04:42NOW PLAYINGTrump Hit By Bullet At Election Rally; Secret Service Kills Shooter, Begins Assassination Bid Probe
03:39NOW PLAYINGHezbollah’s Twin-Rocket Barrage Sets Israel’s Kiryat Shmona On Fire, IDF Reports 6 Soldiers Injured
03:01NOW PLAYINGPutin Aide Threatens West Against Hosting U.S. Missiles | Details
03:01NOW PLAYINGPM Modi Bestows Blessings On Anant and Radhika at Shubh Aashirwad Ceremony
03:01NOW PLAYINGAnant & Radhika Shubh Aashirwad: 7 Unmissable Moments From The Red Carpet