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Russia destroys three Ukrainian Su-25s warplanes in Nikolaev region

03:10NOW PLAYINGShocking visuals: Iran fires 400 to 500 drones at Israel; Netanyahu urges citizens to follow directive in emergency address
03:19NOW PLAYINGWatch: Iran begins ‘revenge’ on Israel for attack consulate in Syria’s Damascus, fires drones & missiles
03:15NOW PLAYINGMEA Says Indian Students' deaths in U.S are 'Multi causal', Two cases under investigation
03:09NOW PLAYINGRussia trolls U.S and Israel with new Ballistic Missile test
03:07NOW PLAYING'Don't': Biden's blunt warning to Iran on impending Israel attack
03:04NOW PLAYINGDramatic footage shows Russian drone blowing up U.S-made Bradley near Avdiivka
03:50NOW PLAYINGPM Modi: ‘Time is not far when assembly polls will be held in J&K'
04:27NOW PLAYINGAll Eyes On Iran: Putin Restricts Travel To Middle East; Biden & Allies Scramble To 'Calm' Tehran
03:38NOW PLAYINGHouthis attack 4 Israeli-linked U.S. ships in Gulf of Aden| U.S shoots down 11 Houthi drones
03:00NOW PLAYINGBlack Man Stopped For Seat-Belt Violation, Shot Indiscriminately By Chicago Cops
03:07NOW PLAYINGIran-Israel tension: Biden Vows ‘Ironclad’ Support For Netanyahu, Russia warns citizens against traveling to Mideast
03:09NOW PLAYING‘Blind Hatred, Revenge Attack, Genocide War’: Resistance Breathes Fire Over Israel’s Eid Strike
02:01NOW PLAYINGPM Modi silences skeptics with a hard-hitting interview in Newsweek Magazine
04:19NOW PLAYING'Won't be with the corrupt' Delhi minister Raaj Kumar Anand resigns over corruption
03:47NOW PLAYINGU.S Sends Seized Houthi Weapons To Ukraine, Iran Fumes
03:02NOW PLAYING‘Crocus City Hall Attack will deteriorate Russia’s relations with Muslim Nations’: Grand Mufti Ravil Gainutdin
03:04NOW PLAYINGPutin's terror probe reaches Hunter Biden linked Ukrainian firm
03:28NOW PLAYINGAnti-Israel protesters shut down U.S. Senate cafeteria
04:30NOW PLAYINGBiden Team Torn On Netanyahu’s Actions In Gaza; Will U.S. Finally Stop Arming Israel Against Gaza?
03:14NOW PLAYINGPakistani actor claims he rejected 'Ram-Leela' & 'Aashiqui2'