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7 hostages killed in Israel bombing: Abu Obeida, Al-Qassam Brigades spokesman

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06:46NOW PLAYINGIran Attacks Israel: Russia slams UNSC for double standards, calls for an end to Middle East tension
03:34NOW PLAYINGIran attack on Israel: No more escalation as President Herzog says ‘not seeking war’
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03:03NOW PLAYING‘Will support Iran, if…’: Putin threatens Biden not to interfere in Iran and Israel tensions
03:10NOW PLAYINGIran attack on Israel: Kuwait, Qatar refuse U.S to use their air space in retaliation
03:10NOW PLAYINGShocking visuals: Iran fires 400 to 500 drones at Israel; Netanyahu urges citizens to follow directive in emergency address
03:19NOW PLAYINGWatch: Iran begins ‘revenge’ on Israel for attack consulate in Syria’s Damascus, fires drones & missiles
03:15NOW PLAYINGMEA Says Indian Students' deaths in U.S are 'Multi causal', Two cases under investigation
03:09NOW PLAYINGRussia trolls U.S and Israel with new Ballistic Missile test
03:07NOW PLAYING'Don't': Biden's blunt warning to Iran on impending Israel attack