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Exhibition of state artists enthrals visitors

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The Times Of India
22nd October, 2019 13:10 IST

For art enthusiasts of the city, Odisha Modern Art Gallery presented a unique art exhibition — a collection of artworks by artists from 30 districts of the state. The two-day art show, Collection 30 , was an amalgamation of different artistic styles of the 33 participants.

Santanu Kumar Meher, an artist from Angul, who is also the coordinator of the exhibition, first proposed the idea of presenting artworks of young artists from across the state at a common platform. “Art of Odishan artists are known across the globe. But there has been no previous attempt to showcase their artworks on one platform. So, we decided to bring the creations of some young artists and showcase them here,” he said.

The exhibition featured an assortment of varied art forms. It included paintings, drawings, mixed media, sculptures, prints, installations, new media and video art. The visitors could enjoy the complete flavour of visual display.

Prajna Vedavyas, curator of the exhibition, said conventional artworks were often exhibited in different galleries in the state. “This exhibition gave a different vision to the viewers. Here, one can witness the dynamic blend of past and present approaches in art with new perceptions instilled into it. The show was made special by the artists’ brilliant visualisations,” she said.

Siddharth Rath, a visitor, said, “I have been to several art exhibitions in the city, but this one was different. I got to see different art forms displayed at one place. It was worth visiting.”

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