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Exorcist couple robs woman of gold

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The Times Of India
23rd October, 2019 04:43 IST

Tirupati: An exorcist couple tried to rob a woman of 790 gm of gold in the garb of driving ghosts from her home, but landed in the police net.

The modus operandi of one Jamalullah Basha and his wife Syed Navida Sultana (alias Fayaz Fathima) was to introduce themselves to people with financial or family problems, create a fear psychosis in them about the presence of ghosts in their homes and offer a remedy. In the case of the victim Shaik Asma, who was faced with hurdles in her house construction project, the duo suggested performing rituals.

After ‘catching the ghost in a bottle’, the duo pretended that the ghost was trying to come out of the bottle and kill Asma in revenge, and as a remedy, offered to perform another ritual with gold to ‘save’ her. When Asma arranged gold ornaments to the tune of 790 grams from her relatives, the duo tried to flee with the ornaments to Bengaluru. The police, on being alerted by the victim, caught the couple.

At a media conference here on Tuesday, deputy superintendent of police (Kadapa town) U Suryanarayana produced the recovered gold and said that the accused had confessed to have resorted to the crime. He also alerted the public against falling prey to superstitious beliefs.

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