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Explosion at police station following crackdown on crackers, 4 hurt

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The Times Of India
20th October, 2019 04:44 IST

Bhopal: Three policemen and a civilian were injured when a bunch of confiscated fireworks exploded in Jora police station in Morena district on Saturday. One of them has sustained 75% burns and has been referred to Gwalior.

Local cops had seized explosive materials and fireworks from Naresh Khan, a Sikendrabad resident, following allegations that he was running an illegal cracker factory. They raided his house around 12pm and brought the seized materials to the police station. They were completing the formalities of his seizure and arrest when the whole thing exploded.

Constables Jitendra Singh Gurjar, Vikash Sharma and Gulthu Ram were injured. So was a Rajasthani truck driver named Ram Lal, who had come to submit fine for a challan. The explosion blew out all the glass windows. Gulthu Ram was riddled by these glass shards and suffered severe injuries.

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