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First fire station to come up in Walled City

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The Times Of India
12th January, 2019 11:34 IST
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JAIPUR: Fire committee at Jaipur Municipal Corporation (JMC) cleared a proposal to open a new fire station inside the Walled City area, which does not have a single fire station as of now.

The fire station will be made near Chaugan Stadium on the vacant land of JMC. As per the fire committee members, the place already has a boring for water including 60% of other requirements. For the remaining facilities like office, garage, the fund of Rs27 lakh has been sanctioned.

Mukesh Lakhyani, the chairman of fire committee at JMC said, “Around eight fire-fighting bikes and two tenders will be available there. The bikes will be more, as due to the congested lanes, heavy vehicles will not be useful. We are expecting that by the end of February, the station will start functioning.”

The congested lanes of Walled City have always been a headache for the administration during the time of any fire incidents. The fire tenders are not able to get into the narrow lanes and there have been incidents when the fire brigade has to break walls to make space for the water pipe to reach at the spot.

Around five new fire tenders have been bought by the DLB to be included in the fire brigade of the city. Fire department already has 50 fire tenders at present and more are included to improve the fire security of the city. For the first time in the state, a 70-metre fire tender will be included and will cost Rs14 crore to the JMC.

Another fire station will start at Jagatpura very soon and the permission for it has already been granted. JMC is focusing on the development of fire security in the city, as many unfortunate incidents in the past have raised questions on the capability of the fire department.

As per a PIL fielded in Rajasthan High Court last year, there should be one fire station for every 40,000 population, but in Jaipur, there are just 11 stations as against the requirement of 50.

Recently, fire committee has sanctioned the purchase of fire equipment and uniform. However, there is an urgent need for more such equipment as the requirements of the city are not yet fulfilled.

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