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Flash floods in Meghalaya's Garo Hills has quarantine centres in shambles

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27th May, 2020 19:31 IST

After the Amphan furore in Bengal, heavy rainfall is wreaking havoc in parts of Meghalaya, cyclonic storm and landslides affecting over 400 houses and 5,034 people have been affected while one was killed. The storm has damaged houses in the area of North Garo Hills districts and East Khasi Hill district too. The cyclone came amid the country is facing coronavirus lockdown.

People at a coronavirus quarantine centre in Meghalaya's Garo Hills had to be shifted to another building on higher ground after a flash flood hit the area following a cloud burst on Monday. According to some reports, the cloud burst caused the floodwaters to rise over six feet in many areas, flooding the famous Raksamgre market in Weest Garo Hills districts, and a quarantine centre at a school in the same town. 

The inmates were then moved to another building on higher ground by the authorities. The quarantine centre houses people from Garo Hills returned home after interstate movement opened up.

Unstoppable rains are causing fresh floods in the district, affecting 1400 people in eleven villages under West Garo Hills district after the cloud burst over Raksamgre and Tikrikilla regions, in the northern plains of West Garo Hills. 

Continuous flooding has damaged and inundated villages, roads and bridges since Sunday, forcing 1400 people in several villages to seek refuge on higher ground. Due to fresh rains, a stream passing through the area suddenly turned into a roaring river, breaching embankments and washing away two wooden bridges that connected the area to the rest of the district.

Sources suggest there are eleven relief camps have been set up in the area.

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