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Flood like condition in Hoshangabad, Red alert issued

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10th September, 2019 12:16 IST

Bhopal: Flood conditions have arisen in Hoshangabad due to heavy rains. The Narmada River is flowing above the danger mark, there is a dangerous drift in the rising Narmada waters in the event of a flood, but even in this dangerous water flow, local children are leaping over the temples. The situation is so frightening, but no security has been made here so far.

No security personnel have been deployed so far along the banks of the Narmada river, while the gathering of those watching the rising water is continuously increasing at the Narmada Ghat. The Narmada's water level crosses the danger mark. At the same time, small children are seen leaping from the top of the temple into the flowing water of Narmada. They can be killed in a small mistake, but there is no one to stop the children.

The great thing is that the Narmada is flowing above the danger mark and the water level of Narmada has been continuously increasing, but so far no security personnel have been deployed here. This negligence on the part of the administration can lead to an incident on the banks of Narmada. Let us tell you that the Narmada river has been in spate due to the torrential rains for 24 hours. Dozens of villages have lost contact with the headquarters due to water flow over the bridge. The lower areas are being evacuated due to the possibility of backwater of Narmada in urban areas.

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