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From a Meritorious Student to One of the Top Blogger of India, the Amazing Journey of Amar Sirohi

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27th August, 2019 23:50 IST

How do we imagine someone who cracked AIPMT, one of the toughest entrance exams in India, in his very first attempt and that too without any coaching?? The Image that comes to our mind is of a studious, geeky person who is barely active on social media. Yeah? Well, Amar Sirohi is not cut from the regular cloth. In spite of being in such a demanding profession, he managed to set up a PR Firm and grew his food page on Instagram to one of the biggest (needless to say one of the most respected) in India, all at the same time.

Looking back, he did his schooling in Meerut, a town in Uttar Pradesh, where he was a topper of his school. He was a foodie even in his school days. He used to stay in school hostel but every other weekend when he was outside the school premises for mock tests, he never failed to sample new dishes from the streets of Meerut. Over the course of those two years, he explored all the famous food places of Meerut. Well, this was not where his journey of food blogging started.

The real story started when he moved to Delhi. Staying alone, he used to have his food - lunch and dinner - outside. It was then when he started writing reviews on Zomato, of the restaurants that he visited. Being excellent in academics helped him here as well, as all of his reviews were well detailed like that of a critic which was soon noticed by Zomato and owing to this fact, he soon got verified on Zomato platform. It is worth mentioning that he also had a keen interest in photography from his early age and following a suggestion from a friend, he started an Instagram page in 2015 to showcase the pictures of food that he tried at different places.

What started merely as a platform to upload random pictures of food soon became one of the most well organized food page because of his innate nature to chase perfection. He keeps the things in his life in a set manner and the same thing he applied to his page, he made a set pattern of uploading pictures and videos, giving his feed a very aesthetic and fascinating look.
Though he was not doing blogging full time, but because he was staying alone, it was normal for him to eat at least one meal a day outside. He started covering one street of Old Delhi, a day, trying the street food varieties in that particular street. Through this daily routine, he kept discovering one amazing dish after other in that area. He started posting them on his page and people loved that content. His followers grew rapidly and soon he became the biggest vegetarian food blogger of India. So many big brands like Tata Motors, Pepsi, Times Internet, Samsung and many more started collaborating with him. Not only he covered the street food, he also covered restaurants and hotels across Delhi-NCR, reviewing over 600 of them on his verified Zomato page.



को Amar Sirohi (Food & Lifestyle) (@foodie_incarnate) द्वारा साझा की गई पोस्ट

When he was touching new heights everyday, a small mistake from his end led to disabling of his page. The same page that he grew from 0 to 159,000 (159K in Insta language) followers with sheer hard work and determination. All of it was lost in a moment. He could have gotten his page back if he had apologized to the person upon whose report his page was taken down but instead of bowing down (which would have been the sensible thing), he chose to let it go and started all over again. He had belief in himself and his content, and he was right. In just a matter of few months, he took his new page to over 100K followers. This time, he did not keep his content restricted to Delhi and instead started covering food from across India turning him into a truly pan-Indian food blogger.

Now he runs his new page on Instagram by the name of @foodie_incarnate and has 124K followers as of now. With his content as good as ever, he is an inspiration to all the budding bloggers. If you look at his page and his pictures, he looks such a vibrant personality which gives an impression that he is not even distantly related to studies and all but when you meet him and have a conversation with him, you get to know the intellectual person hiding behind a fun-loving, colourful persona.

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