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Garbage plagues Walled City despite campaign

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The Times Of India
12th January, 2019 11:37 IST
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JAIPUR: At the time when the entire municipal staff is busy spreading awareness about a clean city for the Swachhta Survekshan 2019, the residents living in the Walled City area have a different story to tell.

The streets of Ghat Gate, Ramganj, Handipura market are full of piles of garbage, with stray animals like cows and dogs roaming around. On every corner and side of the roads, garbage has been littered and people passing by, have become used to the situation.

Farookh Amin, a resident of Ghat Gate said that the garbage collection vehicle is not very frequent in the area and they have complained many times to the authorities but nothing has changed. “I have complained to my area councillor, but he didn’t pay any heed to the issue. The garbage smells a lot and a few days back when it rained, it was difficult to even breathe. I don’t know what swachhta JMC is claiming in the city,” said Farookh.

Another resident of Gangori Bazaar, Kirshan Sharma said that for a brief time, the depots in the city were completely removed, but now they have made a come back. “It gets difficult for the children in the area and diseases can also spread due to this. I have complained to the councillor many times but nothing has been done. Last year, the administration was very active for the cleanliness in the city, but slowly, especially during the time of assembly elections, the situation became really bad,” said Krishna .

However, the JMC administration refuted the claims and said that streets are being cleaned everyday. “I haven’t received any complaints, but if there are any such problems we will get the area cleaned as soon as possible. The Swachhta drive is going on in the city. We are spreading awareness in the city regarding cleanliness and door-to-door collection is working perfectly. However, any complained received will be taken seriously,” said Vinod Purohit, the nodal officer of Swachhta Survekshan 2019.

Amidst these conditions in the city, an official has confirmed that BVG company, which is responsible for the door-to-door garbage collection, has decreased the number of vehicles, alleging the due payment not being made. Residents of various places claim that the door-to-door collection vehicles do not come daily and in places like Jhotwara and Malviya Nagar, they are coming once in three days.

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