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Gautam Buddha Nagar: This leader will work to strengthen Samajwadi Party

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07th September, 2019 16:08 IST

Former minister and member of the Legislative Council Narendra Bhati, who has been away from the Samajwadi Party for a long time, will once again work to strengthen the party.  According to sources, after the former MP Surendra Nagar joined the BJP, the high command has again handed over the charge in his hands to save the falling graph of the party in the district.

After the request of the Samajwadi Party High Command, Narendra Bhati has started calling the people close to him to strengthen party.  However, Many SP leaders have joined the BJP. His younger brother former district panchayat president Bijendra Bhati has also joined BJP.

According to media reports, the BJP's graph in the district is increasing rapidly. The number of BJP members in the district has crossed four lakh. Let me tell you that in the membership campaign which has run recently, about 1.25 lakh new members have joined BJP. Most of them are those who were involved in SP, BSP and Congress. In such a situation, it will be a tough challenge for Narendra Bhati to save the falling graph of SP. In fact, the leader who created SP in Gautam Buddha Nagar is Narendra Bhati. He has been a three-time MLA from Secunderabad Legislative Assembly seat. He was given the status of cabinet minister first in Mulayam Singh Yadav and later in Akhilesh Yadav government. He also contested on the ticket of SP twice from the Gautam Buddha Nagar Lok Sabha seat. However, he had to face defeat both times. In 2014, former MP Surendra Nagar left the BSP and joined the SP. Narendra Bhati has been marginalized due to Surendra Nagar's closeness with Akhilesh Yadav. However, the party made him a member of the Legislative Council.

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