Blurred Lips: Embracing The Hottest Fall Trend

Nov 18, 2023

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The Blur Takeover

Precision pouts are passé; the blurred lip trend dominates this season, offering a bitten, velvety pigment for a chic look. This trend shifts away from the meticulously defined lips, introducing a velvety, smudged finish for a touch of effortless allure.

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Natural Imperfection

Unlike the defined perfect lip, the blurred lip mimics the vibrant inner ring of a cherry popsicle, embracing a natural akin to smudged eyeliner. It's a departure from the conventional, welcoming a imprecise aesthetic that echoes the aftermath of enjoying a vibrant popsicle.

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Effortless Chic

Mastering the blurred pout is a breeze, requiring minimal touch-ups, allowing wearers to revel in imperfections for a carefree vibe. Its ease of application and forgiving nature make it an ideal choice, encouraging individuals to embrace their natural beauty.

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Shelf Infiltration

Recent launches by Colourpop and Rouje signal the trend's infiltration into beauty shelves with soft-touch products for easy adoption. The market’s response with soft-touch products signifies the blurred lip's growing influence, making it enticing for makeup enthusiasts.

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Runway Presence

NYFW witnessed models sporting softly-focused clouded pouts, validating the trend's high-fashion status. The appearance of softly-focused, clouded lips on prestigious runways marks its endorsement as a fashion-forward statement, solidifying its relevance in the beauty industry.

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Finger Blending Magic

Using fingers and buildable, matte products creates a soft ombre effect for a blurred lip finish. The tactile application method allows for a delicate blending of pigments, resulting in a subtle gradation of colour across the lips.

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Brushed Elegance

Brush techniques blend lipstick outward from the centre, achieving a blurred finish with soft bristle makeup brushes. The brush application technique, starting from the centre and diffusing outward, ensures a seamlessly blended, blurred effect for a polished finish.

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Stain Style

Opting for lip stains allows saturation of colour on the inner lip, blending softly for a similar blurred effect. Lip stains offer a concentrated burst of colour, providing an alternative method to achieve the blurred look through a delicate and diffused application technique.

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Matte Or Glossy Play

Whether matte or glossy, both finishes enhance the blurred look, elevating its allure. The versatility of this trend allows for experimentation with textures, whether it's a velvety matte or a lustrous glossy finish, both complementing the blurred effect beautifully.

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Personalised Artistry

The trend's adaptability invites exploration, enabling individuals to experiment with layering and smudging to create their personalised rendition of the blurred lip aesthetic.

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