10 Shonen Anime Power Systems That Redefined Their Series


Feb 8, 2024

Hunter X Hunter

Nen, a versatile energy system, forms the basis of combat in Hunter x Hunter. Its numerous applications, such as Nen abilities and advanced techniques, allow for intricate battles and strategic depth.

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Yu Yu Hakusho

Spirit Energy and Spirit Techniques form the backbone of combat in Yu Yu Hakusho. The diverse range of abilities, from energy blasts to unique techniques, adds complexity to battles and character development.

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World Trigger

The series employs Trion, a form of energy, to power various weapons and abilities. Trion levels and strategies in battles provide depth, making each encounter strategic and unpredictable.

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Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann employs Spiral Power, a manifestation of determination and willpower. This abstract concept drives the mecha battles, allowing characters to push beyond their limits with sheer resolve.

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Attack On Titan

The series introduces the Vertical Manoeuvring Equipment and Titans' weak spots as key elements. The intricate gear and knowledge of Titan anatomy create intense, strategic battles against towering adversaries.

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Dragon Ball Z

Ki, the life force energy, fuels battles in Dragon Ball Z. With transformations, energy blasts, and signature techniques, Ki adds layers of power progression and epic showdowns.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! introduced the concept of Duel Monsters, a strategic card game where players summon powerful creatures to battle. With its blend of strategy and fantastical monsters, it added a unique layer to the series beyond physical combat.

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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Stands, spiritual manifestations of characters' fighting spirits, serve as the primary power system. Each Stand possesses unique abilities, leading to creative and unpredictable battles.

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One Piece

Devil Fruits grant unique abilities but also come with weaknesses. The variety of Devil Fruit powers and their strategic use in battles contribute to the series' depth and longevity.

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With its intricate system of Zanpakuto spirits and Soul Reaper abilities, Bleach offers a diverse array of powers. Bankai releases and unique abilities keep battles fresh and exciting.

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