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Golgappa Boy' was thrilled by coach Jwala, now ready to enter team India

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18th October, 2019 23:43 IST


Golgappa Boy 'Yashasvi Jaiswal created history with his bat in the cricket world, he will be remembered for a long time. Although the process of making and breaking records goes on in the cricket world, but some players who make records go by writing chapters. Perhaps the name of Yashasvi has also been included in it.

Who is the person to test the fame?

It is said that making a career in cricket is not a 'game', but if luck is good and the intention is sure, then all is possible. In 2011, living in Bhadohi district of UP, Mumbai came to his uncle, living a big dream. At that time, even uncle did not have the capacity to think of playing cricket in Mumbai because he was also strapped and Yashvi's housemates too, but the fame had decided that if he has come to Mumbai, he has to do something.

Mumbai's uncle's house was small, so initially a place to live in a dairy shop was made. Then he started selling Golgappa for his own expenses, but the intention with which Yashwashvi came to Mumbai (cricket) was not keeping pace. The age was not too much, so the courage was also wavering and the money was already there.

Meanwhile, at the Azad Maidan in Mumbai in 2013, Yashasvi got the eye of a man who came to Mumbai to play cricket like him. That person had also hit a lot in Mumbai, had seen Tangi up close. Perhaps this will be the reason that he was best tested for fame This man is none other than Yashasvi's coach Jwala Singh. Prithvi Shaw has also come out of Jwala Singh's nursery.

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