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GSI investigating hot water forming in well at Shastri Layout

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The Times Of India
21st October, 2019 04:28 IST

Nagpur: Hot water continued to form in a well at Shastri Layout in Subhash Nagar for the second consecutive day attracting a large number of people. The Geological Survey of India (GSI), which is monitoring the strange occurrence, has not ruled out possibilities of a geo-thermal activity (hot water spring) taking place deep inside the ground.

The well, which is just 18 feet deep, is located in the compound of Vimal Apartment, a three-storey flat scheme comprising five flats. The apartment is adjacent to a sprawling open space owned by the Airport Authority of India (AAI).

One of the flat owners saw steam emanating from the well at 9pm on Friday. The police and fire departments, and GSI were informed about it. The water from the well is not being utilized.

GSI director Vishal Sakhare told TOI that the temperature of the water is 60 degree Celsius (as hot as water from a geyser). The temperature is higher than what is recorded at the hot water spring at Unkeshwar (42 degrees C), Ghatanji tehsil in Yavatmal and Anhoni Samoni (53 degrees C), near Pachmarhi in Chhindwara district.

“The hot water is not contaminated. We will again visit the spot on Tuesday. Water samples will be tested at our Geo Thermal Division which will give us exact idea whether it is a geo-thermal activity or a temporary incident due to mixture of chemicals,” said Sakhare, adding that the temperature of water in “other wells and bore-wells in the same locality was around 29 degree Celsius”.

Trimurti Nagar fire station officer Tushar Barahate said the case was referred to GSI as there was no case of fire was recorded.

“Flat owners are not using the water since a long time. There are no gases in the well too. If it is a geo-thermal activity, no one has to fear about it as it is common,” said Sakhare.

The flat scheme and the well are 16 years old. It was constructed and sold by Khune Constructions in 2003.

Wamanrao Khune, the builder, said the well was just 18 feet deep. “During construction, I had got a bore-well of 250 feet deep dug but we didn’t find water. So, we had to dig another well which too dried up. Then we started constructing this open well and found water at 18 feet. Surprisingly, the water in the well has never dried up,” he said.

The well has attracted many curious people from nearby localities. Even a team of NEERI visited the apartment.

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