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High-speed winds to hit city: Met dept

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The Times Of India
16th April, 2019 07:51 IST

Ludhiana: With high-speed winds on the cards for the next two days, the meteorological department has advised residents to be cautious while commuting.

High-speed winds, travelling at a speed of 60km per hour are likely to hit city in the next two days. There is a forecast of rain too.

“The western disturbance is likely to make an impact in the city by Monday night and will bring in high velocity winds in Ludhiana for the next two days. The residents should be cautious as the wind speed can be as high as 60 km per hour. Even the power department should switch off the electricity supply during the storm,” said Surender Paul, director, meteorological department, Chandigarh.

“There are chances of light to moderate rainfall till Wednesday afternoon and the same could be recorded at 30mm. During these two days the day and night temperatures are expected to fall,” he added.

As per the department, slight rainfall was recorded in the city from 8.30 am on Sunday to 8.30am on Monday.

However, the impact of drizzle didn’t reflect on the temperatures in the city. Maximum temperature on Monday was recorded at 37.7°C, three degrees more than normal. The day temperature on Sunday was 36.2°C, which was two degrees more than normal.

The minimum temperature in the city on Monday was recorded on higher side at 21.9°C, which is five degrees more than normal.

The department has predicted fall in maximum temperature to 32°C till Wednesday whereas minimum temperature might drop to 19°C till Thursday.

Meanwhile, residents were troubled by hot weather in the city. “It has been pleasant in the morning, but afterwards it got really hot. Even nights are hotter than before. The way temperatures are increasing every passing day, we are planning to use ACs at home and at office. Also, we have been drinking a plenty of water and other fluids to keep ourselves hydrated,” said Rashpal Singh, a businessman of BRS Nagar.

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