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Hoax bomb call keeps city police on their toes

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The Times Of India
15th January, 2020 04:26 IST

Madurai: A hoax call, threatening of a bomb planted in a bus terminal in Madurai city and the Avaniapuram jallikattu event on Wednesday, kept the city police on their toes on Tuesday.

As soon as the call was received at the Chennai control room early on Tuesday morning, teams were swung into action in all the bus terminals like Mattuthavani, Periyar and Arappalayam. Another team was dispatched to Avaniapuram to ensure there is no threat to the venue. Dog squads were also swung into action. The terminals and jallikattu venue were thoroughly combed by the teams consisting of bomb detection and disposal squad and police personnel.

Later, a large number of police officers and personnel were deployed for security measures and traffic arrangement for the jallikattu event.

A police officer said that in Mattuthavani, the search, which began at around 6am ended at 10.30am after thoroughly checking all the platforms, buses and passenger bags. The search created a buzz in the busy terminal, which was overcrowded on Tuesday as people were leaving for their native to celebrate Pongal. Similar searches were conducted in other terminals as well. As the city police did not find anything suspicious, they declared that the call was hoax.

Meanwhile, a box found under suspicious circumstances under a railway bridge in Ellis Nagar, created panic in the locality. Through the local police, a BDDS team was alerted. While the area was corned off by the police, a BDDS team rushed there and conducted a check. After a thorough check, the team announced that it was only a tiffin box left behind by someone.

Meanwhile, an inquiry was underway to find out the miscreant, who had made the hoax call.

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