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Hoax call: NIA court sends Chennai resident to 14 days judicial custody

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The Times Of India
22nd November, 2019 18:56 IST

PANCHKULA: Special National Investigation Agency (NIA) court in Panchkula on Friday send Chennai resident to 14 days judicial custody in Ambala jail , under the anti-hijacking act .

The accused had made a hoax call to Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) in his bid to stop his wife from leaving the country. The caller, later identified as Nasrudeen (28), had called up DIAL on August 8 this year, to inform that a lady named Zabina has reached Delhi International Airport to leave for Dubai or Saudi Arab and she can cause explosion in the flight. On investigation, it was found out to be a hoax and Nasrudeen was arrested the next day.

The Union ministry of home affairs (MHA) later handed over case to the NIA to investigate under newly amended Anti- hijacking act.

An NIA official said that accused was produced before special NIA Judge Jagdeep Singh, who sent the accused to 14 days judicial custody in Ambala jail.

The case against Nasrudeen was initially investigated by Haryana police and even an FIR was registered by Haryana police. According to Haryana cops, Nasrudeen and Zabina had got married in 2017 at Chennai where the accused ran a garment stitching business. Few years after the marriage, two had disputes over financial issues.

But cops maintained that Zabina wanted to settle abroad and earn better. On August 8, 2019, while Nasrudeen was on the way back to Chennai from Sitamarhi in Bihar, Zabina informed her on phone that she was leaving to foreign country for a better life. Thereafter the accused made all out efforts to stop her, but she did not agree and finally, Nasrudeen looked for Delhi Airport number on the internet and made the hoax call.

DIAL informed the Airport Operations Control Centre (AOCC) which then contacted Nasrudeen seeking details of Zabina. The accused also provided mobile number of Zabina, using which the security agencies tried to trace her but could not reach her. The police then contacted her on the mobile number on which she confirmed that she is in Delhi and planning to leave the country.

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