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'I am not a virgin either': Nehha Pendse's sharp reaction to husband's two failed marriages and kids

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International Business Times
09th January, 2020 14:01 IST

Best known for her small stint in Bigg Boss 12, Nehha Pendse recently got married to long-time beau Shardul Singh Bayas. It was a traditional Maharashtrian wedding and was attended by the couple's close friends and family in Pune on January 5, 2020. Soon after the wedding, reports of Nehha's husband being married twice earlier started making news.

Shardul's previous marriages

Talking about his previous marriages, Nehha had told Spotboye, "Yes, Shardul has had 2 marriages and has two lovely daughters, one each from his previous shaadis. As I told you yesterday, he hadn't hidden anything from me. I knew about it, much before I got married to him. And think of it, so what if he had married twice before he married me? Life doesn't stop. Shardul does the balancing act very well. It's all very positive."

Talking about how they met and the friendship turned into marriage, Pendse had revealed, "He was very serious. But the thing is I was not in that frame of mind. I had experienced very bad breakups in the past. So I was like kaam se kaam rakhte hai. But what I really liked about him was in the second or third meeting itself, he said it bang on that 'I want to date you and know you better'. I said, 'Listen, we don't know each other and I don't believe in dating. I'm 35. I'm not a 20- something who'll be like 'Dekhte hai, let's see how it goes," Nehha said.

'I am not a virgin either'

However, when more questions were raised on why would she choose someone who had two failed marriages and even kids from previous marriages, Nehha lost her cool and told TOI, "Why are people talking about Shardul being a divorcee? It's not that I am a virgin either. I appreciate the fact that he took chances with women he was in love with, unlike in my case where the men disappeared just when the relationship could have culminated into marriage. At least, Shardul is not commitment-phobic."

Further talking about him being married earlier, she said, "I salute him for his undying faith in the institution of marriage. It is easy to not believe in it after two failed marriages. That shows that he is a man of substance unlike those who fear the idea of getting married. I also feel that if a marriage is not working out, one should end it rather than drag on."

We hope the couple stays away from all the negativity and trolling and wish the newlywed couple a happy ever after!

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