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Udit Narayan's son Aditya breaks silence, apologizes and calls the accident unfortunate

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13th March, 2018 23:30 IST

IBTimes reported on Tuesday that Aditya Narayan was arrested after he rammed his Mercedez car into a rickshaw, injuring two.

Twitter was furious and even trolled Aditya with funny memes, taking a dig at Salman Khan.

The singer has finally spoken about the tragic road accident. Aditya told IANS: "It was an unfortunate accident... and I feel sorry for what has happened."

According to Aditya, the autorickshaw was approaching at high speed from the opposite direction near Lokhandwala Circle.

"I expected him to slow down at the junction, but he didn't brake and took a right turn... I swerved on the left to avoid him and hit the autorickshaw on the side, causing it to topple over twice," Aditya said in a statement.

Aditya recalled: "From the lady's mobile phone, I could call up her boss in a beauty parlour where she works and they got in touch with Shivekar's brother and they all turned up at the hospital. Then, I quickly rushed home to arrange funds for their treatment... I have decided to bear the full medical expenses of the injured victims, including the widow Shivekar, who is likely to be discharged today. The autorickshaw driver's treatment is likely to continue."

According to Hindustan Times, Aditya was later sent to the BMC's R.N. Cooper Hospital for a blood test.

"Aditya has done what any responsible citizen would do. The family has taken care of the injured persons and looking after their medical needs too," his lawyer Zulfikar Memon added.

Narayan returned home around midnight (almost 12 hours after the accident) Aditya again visited the hospital on Tuesday evening to meet the victims, who are now stable, reports HT.

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