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Indian Railways to launch 10 new 'Sewa' trains

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East Coast Daily
12th October, 2019 13:08 IST

The Ministry of Railways will launch 10 new trains under its ‘Sewa’ initiative to ensure better connectivity between smaller towns and important cities. The trains, which were approved recently by the ministry, will commence their respective runs from October 15.

Of these, five each are daily and six-days-a-week trains.

The trains have been launched on the following routes:

Vadnagar-Mahesana (six days): Train number 79406 will depart from Vadnagar at 7 AM and reach Mahesana at 8:30 AM, while train number 79408 will depart from Vadnagar at 4 PM and arrive at Mahesana at 5:30 PM.

Mahesana-Vadnagar (six days): Train number 79405 will leave Mahesana at 8:50 AM and arrive at Vadnagar at 10:30 AM, while train number 79407 will depart from Mahesana at 6 PM and arrive at Vadnagar at 7:30 PM

Asarva-Himmatnagar (six days): Train number 79401 will depart from Asarva at 8:35 AM and arrive at Himmatnagar at 10:55 AM, while train number 79403 will depart from Asarva at 7:00 PM and reach Himmatnagar at 9:20 PM.

Himmatnagar-Asarva (daily): Train number 79402 will depart from Himmatnagar at 6 AM and reach Asarva at 8:20 AM, while train number 79404 will leave Himmatnagar at 6 PM and reach Asarva at 8:20 PM.

Karur-Salem (daily): Train number 76802 will depart from Karur at 11:40 AM and arrive at Salem at 1:25 PM., while train number 76801 will leave Salem at 1:30 PM and arrive at Karur at 3:20 PM.

Murkongselek-Dibrugarh (daily): Train number 55606 will depart from Murkongselek at 8:45 AM and reach Dibrugarh at 12:15 PM, while train number 55605 will depart from Dibrugarh at 1:15 PM and arrive at Murkongselek at 4:45 PM.

Yesvantpur-Tumkur (daily): Train number 76527 will leave Yesvantpur at 7:50 AM and arrive at Tumkur at 9:30 AM while train number 76528 will depart from Tumkur at 9:50 PM and reach Yesvantpur at 11:30 PM.

Delhi-Shamli (daily): Train number 51917 will leave Delhi at 8:40 AM and reach Shamli at 11:50 AM, while train number 51918 will depart from Shamli at 2 PM and arrive at Delhi at 5:10 PM.

Bubhaneshwar-Nayagarh Town (daily): Train number 18423 will depart from Bhubaneshwar at 6:40 PM and arrive in Nayagarh Town at 8:45 PM, while train number 18424 will leave Nayagarh Town at 6:30 AM and reach Bhubaneshwar at 9 am.

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