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India's 1st walk-in airport aviary at Bengaluru to be designed by city firm

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The Times Of India
12th January, 2019 10:00 IST
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NAGPUR: In a first , city-based Ashfaque Ahmed Consultancy Services Private Limited (AACSPL) has bagged order for design and consultancy services for an airport aviary in Devanahalli, Bengaluru.

This will be the first such aviary inside an airport in the country. The Rs30-crore project will be implemented by Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) at Kempegowda international airport .

When contacted, AACSPL director Ashfaque Ahmed confirmed the development and said his firm was shortlisted through competitive bidding in which global consultancy firms participated. Earlier, his firm has done master planning of Gorewada International Zoo in Nagpur.

“We have submitted concept level drawings for BIAL approval after which detailed drawings and estimates will be prepared,” said Ahmed.

Ahmed said the aviary will be situated between the terminal and the pier building. The basic idea is to attract international flyers who check-in three hours before the flight departure. “This will be the first walk-in aviary in an airport, where birds will be in their natural habitat in India and elsewhere,” he said.

The aviary will be spread in 6,035 sqmt area and will be 35-metre-high covered with a net so that birds inside do not fly out and there will also be clear vision.

Selection of species will depend on space available and will house local as well as exotic birds. Various adaptations in feeding and management protocols of the birds will also be taken into account.

The new four-storeyed terminal building will have skywalks at various levels, which will be accessed internally by ramps and elevators in pavilions. There will be viewing decks, galleries, photo booth, interactive kiosks, souvenir shops, local costume and photo shoot facilities. The bird facilities will include clinic, veterinary and isolation room and bird food kitchen and store.

“The aviary zones will have free ranging birds. There will be large volume of birds including water birds for which there will be fresh water ponds, swamps, lagoons, reed beds and small wetlands,” said Ahmed.

As per the concept plan, main aviary will house overall free ranging birds. The species will include pelicans, calaos, lorikeets, flamingos, hornbills, toucans, macaw, parrot, cockatoos apart from several others.

Bengaluru, a cosmopolitan city and being the global hub of information technology and innovation, attracts many people from across the globe. Hence, BIAL’s basic idea to set up an aviary seems to create a different visitor experience.

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