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It's time Mount Abu makes cleanliness its sole focus

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The Times Of India
11th July, 2019 12:51 IST

Denizens in Mount Abu woke up with a pamphlet inserted in their newspaper, with a pertinent message, roughly translated as, “Carry a bag, and avoid making Mount Abu a dirty rag.”

Indeed, it was a praiseworthy effort in the 10th year of the notification of Mount Abu, as an Eco-Sensitive Zone . From time to time over the past decade, various organization, both government and NGOs have distributed thousands of cloth bags free of cost to the denizens while the Prime Minister started a crusade against filth and garbage to keep the nation clean.

The million dollar question that crops up, “Then, why there is filth, garbage and dirt around us?” Why the DFO with forest officers and concerned denizens had to go all over the pristine feral topography to clean up the huge number of smashed, littered beer bottles which could be hazardous to the wild.

It is time Mount Abu makes cleanliness a sustainable devout dedication, instead of knee jerk impulses, and see that forever glass beer bottles are banned and an alternative like beer tin immediately be introduced.

Indeed, Nakki Lake is the point, where maximum visitors congregate for longer duration, so it is their prime duty to keep their favourite lake sparklingly clear, so is the duty of the Abu denizens to see that they too do not make it ugly sight with garbage blight.

Indeed, it is a petite, fragile lake, wholly, solely, completely dependent upon rains. Sans rains, its very existence is threatened. More so, any construction around it adds to the woes of its extreme fragility.

It is also used for immersion of statues. All concerned should find a way, sans hurting any religious sentiment, a way for win-win solution, where no one is displeased, and the petite, fragile lake is also given a respite.

Limnologists have already sounded warning bells, for the lake. Indeed, it is the duty of every visitor from Gujarat to shun plastic and help keep Abu pollution free. Come August, then full provisions of eco-sensitive Notification would be in force that may punish those, littering and using plastic, with hefty fines.

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